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Nabas Legal (Outros/Others)

Nome: Nabas Legal
Telefone: 44 207 252 0106

What is Nabas Legal

Nabas Legal International Lawyers is a law practice recognised by its in-depth knowledge and experience in individual legal issues and corporate law management.

In business, our uniquely adapted management team are a select group of lawyers dual qualified in countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Portugal and the United Kingdom. The ability to comprehend and manage multi-jurisdiction transactions enables our clients to clearly understand the differences in running businesses in such areas that may not have the same legal system and policy as in the United Kingdom.

The legal management team is supported by transaction experienced account managers bringing background in organisational structure, operations management and internal compliance. Therefore giving you added support in your aim to manage your business and success.

We do not want you to face these challenges in solitude. We are here to assist. We are available to educate your business on the differences in culture and the challenges to grow along with an emerging economy. We remain by your side providing you the tools to adapt your business to the differences in regulation, operation, human resource and policy. Nabas Legal wants to lead you to exciting commercial markets where you will be welcomed with open arms and have the chance to attribute to its continuing success.

With our individual services we stand by you to achieve success in your personal affairs. You will have the support of professionals whom are bi-lingual and can accommodate you speaking in your mother tongue. Languages other than the obvious English spoken are Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi and Punjabi.

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Nabas Legal

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